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Down & Dirty Tricks Video – Rebooting Mad Max

In this special supplement video Corey expands on his Down & Dirty column in the May/June issue of Photoshop user on how to add a 3D model to a 2D scene!


  • Big Al says:

    Great video- have your books 1 & 2, but find the magazine articles great to practice. I (finally) found the ‘buggy’ online and confirmed its the same file/name/number as you have but it opens up into PS CC2015 as a ‘bag of parts’ everything jumbled up…..I am running PS CC 2015 on a double Xeon Win7 machine, 32Gb of memory….
    Why would this happen?

    Big Al

  • Mitch Kloorfain says:

    Nicely Done. Cant wait to incorporate something similar into my real world client base.