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Creating 3D Shapes in Illustrator

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Corey learned this from a fellow designer. He shows us how to use Illustrator to create a stroke and apply 3D effects to it and then bring it over to Photoshop to use as an interesting background graphic.

Here’s a look at the finished product from Corey’s Illustrator tutorial


  • Joro Illustratör says:

    Cool! never thought about using it that way.

  • jacob says:

    that was a good tut. would like to see what other shapes can be made also.


  • said says:

    Thank you Corey am learning from you guys all the time .

    Many thanks

  • sean steezy says:

    Corey was one of the most impressive at Photoshop World in Orlando. I realized very quickly that I could learn A LOT from a guru like him. Made me take a second look at the possibilities inside illustrator!

  • Randy Calderon says:

    This is amazingly useful since most (well me at least) can’t afford 3D software. Great tutorial. Thanks.

  • Roland says:

    Just wondering why Corey insists the revolve must always be around the left side of the object.
    There’s a pull-down menu in the Revolve dialog that lets you choose between left and right… Self-proclaimed guru’s aren’t always right 😉

  • holly says:

    if you bring that into flash form illy will it retate completey like a real 3d object. I mean can you use this instead of something created in Swift 3D

  • Marco says:

    Basic, but clear explanation, easy to follow, nice and nite. I like it very much.
    I hope Layers Magazine dedicates more space for this helpfull Illustrator tips and tutorials (sadly they do not show up us often they should).
    Thank you Corey and please do not forget us (the illustrator, indesign, after efects and other non-photoshop fans).

  • fredie Saint-Cyr says:

    That was really good
    Well narrated

  • rameshvee says:

    wow its cool

  • roberthsu says:


  • dustin says:

    its awesome, but I’m an idiot. I can’t get the gradient to appear in my layer mask…

  • davy says:

    Let’s dust off the cobwebs from this thread…You can always use text with Revolve to create some pretty cool shapes too. I never thought of using a dashed line though, very cool results. As for comparing with a 3D software program, for basic shapes this is far easier and faster than using 3D software, but of course it all depends on your output and design.

  • Steve Lopez says:

    Very nice use of Illustrator and Photoshop

  • slatiwonk says:

    God Bless You! You opened my eyes to so many things new.

    Thank you.

  • pohrib constantin says:

    you are like a magician.bravo!

  • Anton says:

    Bad thing about 3D effects is that 3D objects has slow redraw rate (when you use zoom tool, for example)

  • David says:

    for some reason my layer mask will not allow me to add the gradient, can someone help me? What am i doing wrong?

  • katia says:

    nice i like….

  • john says:

    m8, u r the 1!

  • Mollie Doll says:

    I’m new to Illustrator and failing miserably!

    Is there some simple reason I can’t seem to copy and paste from Illustrator into PhotoShop? Several tutorials ask for that … but everytime when I cut from Illustrator and then go into PS, all fo the Edit options are grayed out. Someone help please!

  • Mar- says:

    this s really great n help me in creating a 3D fishing handles! I never really check out that ‘revolve’ effect before, just ‘extrude & bevel’, which ‘revolve’ is way cooler! and check out the use of dotted lines! Smarty!

    However, for the ‘overlaying’ part, it can be done in illustrator too.ain’t it? Since it’s just a background and ‘overlay’ effect, and nothing else. The same way in photoshop, in illustrator it’s Window – Transparency tab – overlay.

    great work though!

  • Kat says:

    I would like to use this effect in a logo (I am Very New To Illustrator , but very intermediate at Photoshop) is there a way to edit / cut out parts of this effect w/out loosing the 3d effect?

  • aesthetics.sanju says:

    its cooooooool corey…… hope more tuts thank u .