As part of my regular freelance work, I design brochures and posters in several languages for a large international company. After consulting with my printer, we decided to put the type for various languages in separate Layers within the same layout. The printer’s output department would then click on the Eye icons next to each language Layer leaving only one language Layer visible for output. Because only visible Layers will be output, this layered language technique can be incredibly efficient.

But keep one important point in mind. If you are using different typefaces for some of the languages, by Default, typefaces in hidden Layers will NOT be Packaged. So when you are ready to put the finished job on disk, go to File > Package and in the dialog window that opens, make sure to check the option “Include Fonts and Links from Hidden Document Layers.” The first time I forgot about this option I got a call from my printer’s Preflight specialist who has a wonderful sense of humor. He said, “It may be Greek to you, but without the fonts it’s total gibberish.”

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.