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Free Adobe Acrobat Tutorials

Getting into Form with Acrobat 8

Acrobat 8 offers easy-to-use tools and utilities for creating forms, including a new assistant that leads you through the process using a series of step-by-step dialogs.

Prepress-Perfect PDFs with Acrobat 8 Professional

Not all PDFs are created equal—just ask any prepress manager. Prepress-bound PDFs are best created by high-quality PDF generation tools such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller or the Export command in Adobe InDesign.

Digital Signatures in Acrobat 8 Professional

Creating and distributing documents that require signatures is one of many timesaving uses for PDF files.

Under Review in Adobe Acrobat

In addition to the almost universal access and ease of distribution of PDF documents, using PDFs in conjunction with Acrobat Professional can also offer …

Using Acrobat 8 to Create PDFs within Distiller and InDesign

Here’s how to quickly and easily create PDFs using Distiller watched folders and InDesign print styles.

Customize the Adobe Acrobat 8 Interface

Becoming familiar with the new workspace and interface in Acrobat 8 will allow you to better take advantage of its new streamlined design and its many new features and capabilities.

Creating PDFs in Photoshop CS2

With each release of the Creative Suite, PDF becomes more fully integrated into Photoshop.