Can You Crop a Drop Shadow?

You’re working on a 16 page brochure layout in which all the photos have drop shadows applied. On one particular spread, the drop shadow from a photo on page 14 goes across the gutter onto page 15. As the inside back cover, there’s nothing else on this page so it looks a little odd, more like a smudge than a shadow. How can you crop off the shadow so it ends at the gutter?

Easy! Select the picture frame with the Selection tool and Cut it (Edit>Cut) which deletes it and copies it to your pasteboard. Then draw a new picture frame and paste the object from the pasteboard into this new frame (Edit>Paste Into). Now, select the new picture frame with the Selection tool and click-and-drag the center point on one side of the bounding box to crop off the offending shadow at the gutter.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.