Arctic Butterfly 724 Bundle


Sensor brush bundle for removing dust from digital SLR sensors

arcticbutterflyDust on the sensor is the number one enemy of digital photographers. I’ve seen people go through contortions when changing lenses to avoid getting dust on their sensors, only to find that somehow dust has attached itself to the sensor, creating annoying UFOs in their images.

But dust doesn’t have to be an insurmountable issue. The folks at VisibleDust have created the Arctic Butterfly 724 Sensor Brush Bundle (the name is so cool I’d buy it even if it didn’t do an amazing job) to keep our sensors dust-free. The Arctic Butterfly is a brush attached to a spinning device that creates a negative charge, so when you run the brush across your sensor, it pulls the dust away with just a couple of quick strokes. If this doesn’t remove the dust, then use the sensor swabs and VDust Plus solution. A couple of drops of this nonflammable magic elixir on the sensor swab, followed by one stroke from each side of the swab, and no more dust! The solution also prevents friction and static buildup on the sensor, reducing the dust’s ability to adhere. The bundle also includes a touch-up brush, Sensor Clean, Chamber Clean kit, Smear Away, Sensor Brush wash, magic cleaner, hurricane blower, 2 AAA batteries, and a padded mesh case (complete bundle not shown).

If you’re still nervous about cleaning your own sensor, watch the tutorials on the company’s website to see how easy it is. The Arctic Butterfly bundle comes in three brush sizes to accommodate your sensor size: 1.0x, 1.3x, and 1.5/1.6x. Don’t let the price scare you because sending your camera to the manufacturer for cleaning is also costly.— Laurie Excell

PRICE: Approx. $226.93 (items available individually)
FROM: VisibleDust
PHONE: 780-455-1082

HOT Effective; easy to use
NOT Price