The 90th Academy Awards ceremony is finally upon us and there is a lot of anticipation for this year’s anniversary event! Not to mention the pressure is on after last year’s Best Picture blunder. Jimmy Kimmel is taking the stage to host again, and we’re ready for another unforgettable night honoring 90 years of Hollywood magic.

We’ve got some big contenders up for Best Picture, Leading Actress, and Leading Actor:

And with 90 years also comes several recording-breaking moments in history. Rachel Morrison (Mudbound) is the first woman ever nominated for Best Cinematography. Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) is the fifth woman ever nominated for Best Director. Jordan Peele (Get Out) is the first black person nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay in the same year. Dee Rees (Mudbound) is the first black woman nominated for Adapted Screenplay. Yance Ford (Strong Island) is the first trans director nominated. And Agnes Varda (Faces Places) is the oldest person to receive a nomination at 89.

The Academy Awards is a prestigious and honored award tradition in Hollywood, always aiming to dazzle and bring appreciation to the art of film with brilliant performances, breathtaking talent being recognized, and of course, some stunning fashion.

As part of the glitz and glamour, actors and actresses alike don the best of the best fashion to hit the red carpet. It’s a chance not only for them to celebrate and shine, but also to display the incredible work of top-notch fashion designers and hair and makeup artists.

Here are some of our favorite looks from last year:

Emma Stone | Givenchy

Nicole Kidman | Armani

Viola Davis | Armani

Halle Berry | Versace

Styling these celebrities is an art form, as is capturing an image that highlights both the model and the attire he or she is wearing. In fashion photography it’s all about the clothes and when we see beautiful pieces, like the Oscar gowns, we understand why. We’re lucky that fashion photography is a specialty of many of our fabulous instructors at KelbyOne. Go behind the scenes with Frank Doorhof in classes like Shooting Fashion on Location and Lindsay Adler’s Fashion Lighting 1, 2, 3 and 5 Tips for Shooting Fashion to learn how to correctly style, pose, and light your shots to highlight the attire. They’ll also offer tips on taking inspiration from magazines and other images and then morphing that into your own style. You’ll learn the secrets to getting a high fashion look and see examples of how it’s put into practice through a live shoot and completing the final product in post-production.

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