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After Effects CS4 Mocha

Mocha is a cool new piece of software that is included in the After Effects CS4 bundle. It is a planer tracking system that works as an assistant when doing things like creating and adjusting screens.


  • Ark says:

    It´s a very very powerful tool for After Effects. Now we are waiting for more tutorials


  • codemonkey says:

    average tracking demo, Not really the best example of the new mocha add in.

  • illd says:

    Hmm, the tracking in the end seems to be slipping. Maybee you shouldn`t reposition and resize the original image. Wouldn`t it be better to precompose it and change the pic inside the pecomp?

    Anyway, nice Tutorial.

  • Web Editor says:

    Hi Rich,

    Just wanted to leave you a comment and test the auto delivery system.

    Hope you are getting this.


  • gora says:

    iam problem Tracking

  • Steph says:

    Awesome, that looks so easy

  • Fabio says:

    help, i can’t past text into AE cs3

  • Tobias says:

    The more grain the shot has, the more problems the software has to track it properly, I shot some test material with the built in iSight camera at half/dark condistions, not great results. Gonna try it on daylight. Looks promising.

  • anonimois says:

    thanks but i need to use it for green screen where are tutorials?

  • RedJ says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. This tool could really end up being a time saver.

    BTW- I stopped the tutorial half-way through to find out why my front door had suddenly opened itself. It was shut and locked, so I went back to my desk, rewound the video a bit and lo-and-behold I heard it again. Turns out we have the exact same voice-announced alarm system and it sounded exactly as distant as mine would have.

  • Alarm System says:

    Warning! Close Garage Door!

  • Sean Oliver says:

    Hey, I used this tutorial to make a music video. Thought you might like to see how you’re helping the world. Thanks for the help

  • Lyndon says:

    hey man don’t know if you’ll be able to help me intime but ive followed the tut w/no problems but after i export tracking data and save, ill open up the tracking data and copy (using both methods edit copy and Ctrl+C) and whenever i select a video to appy the effect on it wont let me paste. Im confused, thx for any help you can offer.


    p.s. if you could send to my email that would be awesome. thx again!

  • Touko Maksimainen says:

    Most likely it’s slipping because the fingers aren’t masked out. Having them move ever so slightly will alter the texture enough to confuse the tracker.

  • Ed says:

    Great tutorial, simple and VERY clear, better to understand than the Mocha’s guide, thats what we need, simple and straight forward video tutorial opposed to those long and tedious useless videos, thanks

  • David says:

    I have a question. My After Effects isn’t letting me paste anything in. I tracked my footage in mocha and saves my tracking data, but when I tried to paste it into after effects it wouldn’t let me. Please help

  • joe castro says:

    the entire turorial for mocha is not on the screen u click buttons that are outside of the recorded area…