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Adobe Illustrator Blend Tips

Experimenting with the settings and options for Illustrator’s Blend Tool.


  • Jim Hines says:

    Thank you so much!! – this is magnificent – I can’t get the web preview to work – I’m using windows 7 – I’m following your steps – I can make a .swf and bring it in to After Effects – web preview not working – any known issues?

  • Patrick says:

    It’s in the wrong category – should be under Illustrator. Also, the export dialog box might be different for some viewers. One might need to select Export AI Layers to SWF Frames, then select the Advanced button to configure as you have.

  • Patrick says:

    It’s posted under the wrong category – should be Illustrator. Also, on must Export AI layers to SWF frames (drop down menu) then choose Advance to make the settings like the tutorial.

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi Jim,

    Not that I know of.

    But I’m a Mac guy.

    You may want to post your question on the Layers Forum. There are lots of experts using PCs there.

    Hope this helps!


  • Jim Hines says:

    Hey Jeff, I actually figured it out. Illustrator tries to use FireFox as the web preview browser and it’s not my default – so Mozilla crashes – If I have FF open prior to clicking web preview then all is fine – suppose I could change my default browser but I already have all of my favorites bar all set up in IE – not worth the time right now – Windows huh? – yikes – Nothing in Properites panel to set default web browser in AI – Thanks again for this extremely useful tutorial – I’ve been messing with it for two days straight – hopefully I’ll eventually make something cool.

  • Renique Smith says:

    Im using a Mac and once I get to the settings for flash it won’t let me check the loop option or change the amount of frames. Do you have any idea why I can’t make it an animation file?

  • Matt says:

    That was an awesome tutorial thanks for the cool trick!

  • Norah Han says:

    Why I don’t have the same options panel ? Can I ask the version that you used?

  • Norah Han says:

    It’s a very good tutorial, but I can export SWF animation. Because I don’t have the same SWF Options panel.

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi All,

    If you press Advanced in the window that opens, you’ll see exactly the same info that’s in the tutorial.



  • Giselle says:

    Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much!!!!