6 Projects that Nurture Family Connection

A special guest blog post by Mpix and Beryl Ayn Young. Beryl is a photo mom and mentor who is teaching moms around the world to love their photos and life from behind the lens. She’s also the creator of the brand new Embrace class, connecting the whole family through photography using printed pictures and unique photo lessons.

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re likely beginning to think about themes of gratitude, love, and family around your house. This year, take some time to share your love of memory making with the entire family. A camera can be such a perfect tool, not only for grown-ups to capture their kids, but for families to learn, grow, and reminisce together.

Here are 6 projects that will get everyone connecting this year, using photography as a guide.

1) Write a handwritten letter and include pictures

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

Think of those grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…who aren’t on social media or who you’ve lost touch with, and send them a snail mail greeting. Write a letter, draw pictures, and be sure to print some recent snapshots, and toss them in an envelope before you send them off. You’re sure to make them smile when they read your words and see your images.

2) Make photo gifts for the holidays

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

We’re always scrambling in our house at the last second for unique gifts for teachers, neighbors, and friends. Why not go on a nature walk as a family? Snap some images and use them to create completely custom photo gifts such as journals, calendars, or magnets. It’s the perfect unique gift that will also have your personal touches mixed in.

3) Create a photo story

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

Photography is such a powerful tool for storytelling and there are several ways you can use photos to inspire storytelling with your kids. You might try starting with images. Pull a few favorite images from your childhood and write a story from those. Or start with a story (use your imagination and make it as silly or as serious as you’d like!) and then think of the best way you can tell your story with photos. Another favorite activity of ours is recreating illustrations from books as images.

4) Research your family history

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

Sit down with your kids and talk about your family tree. Collect old images and tell the stories of your ancestors. Find a way to preserve those stories and photos in a memory book that they can easily be passed down to future generations.

5) Create a family recipe archive

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

You know you always look forward to your aunt’s braised brussels sprouts and your mother’s loaded mashed potatoes each year. And your kids can’t wait to make sugar cookies with you from scratch. These recipes have become holiday staples, but has anyone actually taken the time to compile them in one place for future family gatherings? Take some time this season to do just that and photograph them too.

6) Use a film camera for a change of pace

6 Projects the Nurture Family Connection

In this digital world, it’s hard for our kids to realize that life didn’t always have instant gratification behind the lens. Put a disposable camera in their hands and teach your kids the art of observing, pausing, and enjoying the art of capturing a moment. They’ll be so excited to sit down and look at their developed photos with you once they arrive back from the printer.
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