5 Landscape Photographers You Need to Follow on 500px

 Landscape Photographers

500px is hands-down the place I go to for landscape photography inspiration. As you build your community there and start to follow people, you see your “Flow” page every time you visit filled with photos from that community as well as others related to what you’re interested in. Whenever I have a few minutes, I just surf around and look at the work. Sometimes, just to see some beautiful landscape photography, but other times it’s where I go to research locations that I may be traveling to.

Anyway, I figured I’d name off the top 5 photographers that I think (my personal preferences) you should check out on 500px. In no particular order, here goes:

Marc Adamus ( – I’ve been following Marc’s work there for quite a while. He’s active on 500px. He often posts and comments about his photos, and his work is incredible. Lots of variety, and his composition and post-processing is freakin’ perfect. Follow this guy!

Tula Top ( – I’m a huge fan of the Pacific Northwest and especially the Portland area. I love waterfalls! Which is why I probably favorite his work often on 500px. There’s a ton of waterfalls in the Portland area, and he has stunning photos of so many of them.

Andy Lee ( – I love this guy’s work. It’s dark, moody, monochromatic and very different from my personal shooting style. It’s gorgeous, but very different from me, which is why it’s odd I put him in my top 5. But that’s the funny thing about photography. Sometimes, you just like the photo and you can’t explain why.

Daniel Cheong ( – Okay, I may stray a little in my definition of “landscape photography” in that I kind of group landscape and outdoor photography together. At least for me, that’s why I like to shoot so it seems natural to put them together. I love landscapes, but I also love shooting cities and places that I travel to. Anyway, that’s all to preface why my next pick isn’t all just proper landscapes, but also cities and travel. Daniel get’s himself in to some really interesting places to photograph cities from. That coupled with a great eye, awesome composition, and killer post-processing makes it so I can stare at his photos over and over again.

Chip Phillips ( – Of all the photographers on this list, Chip is the only one that I’ve actually met. He may not even remember it, but I was in the Palouse area of Washington state getting up really early for a shoot and he was there meeting a few people from one of his workshops. We briefly crossed paths and introduced ourselves, and then ran off for sunrise. Anyway, Chip is another photographer that I’ve had in my 500px feed forever. He has a combination of some commonly photographed places mixed with some very uncommon spots. But what I love about his work is that regardless of what the location is, there’s always something different about his photos. He just has a meticulous eye for composition and I love the way he leads you through his photos.

Bonus: Lurie Belegurschi ( – Okay, I’m sneaking in a bonus #6. I actually wrote my entire article first and was ready to submit it, then came across one more photographer that I wanted to include. Since you have to do things in odd numbers (who made up that rule anyway?), I realized I couldn’t call this 6 Landscapes Photographers you had to follow, so I kept it at 5. But I didn’t want to take anyone out of the list above so you’re getting a bonus photographer 🙂 He’s a landscape photographer based out of Reykjavik, Iceland. First, Iceland has been at the top of my I-want-to-visit list for years. And his work has been part of getting it there. He’s got a great mixture of waterfalls, ice, mountains, northern lights, you name it. Simply stunning photography and well worth spending some time looking at his work.