In part 2 of this tutorial, we use the power of the Refine Edges command to make better, cleaner selections. It’s also great for modifying your layer masks.

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  1. A_Tutorial_lover (Reply) on Saturday February 16, 2008

    Great tutorial, thank you so much for this ! But, Can you please REDUCE the sound of the video introduction, please ? Because this is too much loud !… OUCH ! :)

  2. diana (Reply) on Saturday February 16, 2008

    excellent …video sound unclear part 2 near end!

  3. Brian J Minogue (Reply) on Saturday February 16, 2008

    Very useful,I’m always trying to learn as much as possible.
    I especially like Chris’ presentation.

  4. (Reply) on Saturday February 16, 2008

    where may I find the “refine edges” command key? I have Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 and I cannot find it. Thanks.

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