3D Text Animation in After Effects

This 3D Text Animation project gives viewers a chance to learn about the new per-character-3d animation option in After Effects CS5.

Design Makeover: Community Arts Center

The Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky, serves the artistic community from the surrounding Bluegrass region by providing music and art lessons, exhibiting local and international artwork, and hosting artist receptions and lectures.

Ask Dave Podcast: Create a Movable Filter

In this video, Dave goes over how to create a moveable filter in Photoshop.

Animating in InDesign CS5

Jeff Witchel shows InDesign users how to use the Animation panel in CS5 to animate a layout to be interactive.

Adobe Illustrator: Gradient Along a Path

Dave Cross shows Illustrator users how to accomplish a gradient along a path.

Importing Raw + JPEGs into Lightroom

I figured I’d pick off another common question I get during this week’s video. It deals with what happens to your JPEGs when you shoot in the Raw+JPEG mode on your camera.

Designer Spotlight: Lee Calderon

Shortly after studying architecture, Lee’s passion for Gothic arches and flying buttresses gave way to his undeniable artistic urges and designful nature. It was also about this time that he swapped out his jars of cobalt blue and cadmium red for pixels and vector art.

Open Type in Adobe Illustrator

Enhance your type design using Illustrator’s open type options. This video shows users how to utilize the useful tools in the glyphs panel.

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