Jeff Witchel goes through the alignment features in InDesign CS6, starting with the basics and moving on to new features like the ability to align selected objects to a key object.

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  1. Anna (Reply) on Wednesday September 12, 2012

    great tutorial, thanks for share!

  2. Daniyal (Reply) on Wednesday September 12, 2012

    nice tutorial i am really thanks full to you it’s very need thanks again
    Daniyal Memon

  3. TBolt (Reply) on Wednesday September 12, 2012

    Thank you!

  4. SoftwareFan (Reply) on Wednesday September 12, 2012

    Good tips on alignment in InDesign CS6. If I convert PDFs to InDesign CS6 with PDF2DTP, I could use this to align objects when I edit a PDF in InDesign. Thank you, Jeff!

  5. Sarah (Reply) on Wednesday September 12, 2012

    I find the distribute top edge button useful when using my own substitute images/graphics for bullet points and I want to make sure they always match the top of the line, especially when the bullet points might be slightly different sizes. Just make use of the Use Spacing option to match the text spacing.

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