Precise Calibration of Your Displays and Projectors

How you evaluate and adjust your image files is based upon what you see on your display. If the display isn't calibrated and profiled, you can't trust what you're seeing onscreen. Aimed at professionals, the new, redesigned Spyder4Elite colorimeter and software calibrates displays and projectors. Its ease of use and precise results are impressive.

The colorimeter's new seven-color sensor is claimed by Datacolor to have 26% increased accuracy and works with today's wide color gamut displays that offer up to 98% of Adobe RGB. In addition, the new Spyder was developed to cover displays that feature either matte or glossy surfaces and LED or fluorescent backlighting.

The improved software increases accuracy through additional data collection regarding your display, such as measuring for consistent luminance across the screen. Before using, Datacolor strongly suggests warming up your display for 30 minutes and connecting the colorimeter directly to the computer. An ambient light sensor on the colorimeter measures and incorporates your ambient room lighting. The colorimeter is held in place on your screen by an adjustable counterweight.

On launch, the new software acquires information regarding your display's make, model, and type, and takes into account if your display allows access to settings such as temperature, brightness, and gamma. The software's workflow is a series of steps with a help guide explaining each step so you can make informed decisions. In brief, you set target values for gamma, white point, and brightness, then the Spyder4 software displays colors and neutral tones while the colorimeter reads, evaluates, and corrects for discrepancies. At the end, it creates a profile that you name and save.

The Spyder4Elite delivered excellent results. This package goes all the way to give professionals the reassurance and confidence that their work will be predictable and consistent.

Company: Datacolor
Price: $249.99
Rating: 5
Hot: Ease of use; results; advanced features