Using Subclips in Premiere Pro

Subclips are smaller parts of the bigger project. Use the Make Subclip command early and save yourself some time when you get to the timeline.

Creating Synthetic Media in Adobe Premiere

Synthetic media are video clips that Premiere generates automatically. They include bars and tone, straight black and color mattes, as well as transparent video clips which all can be very useful in video editing.

Writing Audio with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding voiceover and music to a video project and helpful hints on how to tweak audio in Adobe Premiere.

Premiere Pro CS4 Nest Command

In this video, Franklin McMahon uses Premiere Pro CS4 to create a nested sequence and then overlay it over a backdrop.

Premiere Pro CS4 Lift and Extract

Franklin McMahon goes over Premiere Pro CS4′s lift and extract tools and compares them with some of the other methods video editors may use when editing video clips.

Premiere Pro CS4 Blends

With CS4, Adobe has taken the fun of using Blend Modes in Photoshop and brought it over into Premiere Pro. In this tutorial, we’ll use blend modes in creating a simple project that uses video, logo

The new sync lock feature in Premiere Pro CS4 is a very useful tool that will maintain the relationship between clips in multiple tracks so that when you are editing you make changes to one clip, Premiere will keep your edits in place

Franklin McMahon talks about batch coding in Premiere Pro CS4 and getting the software to render video projects out to different file formats for different platforms.

Premiere Pro CS4 has made it easier to apply multiple effects to multiple clips, either by cutting and pasting attributes from one clip to another, or by creating an effects preset that can be applied to any clip with one step.

Rich Harrington talks about one his favorite new features in Premiere Pro CS4; the audio transcription options.

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