Input and Export from Premiere Pro CS5

There is some new functionality in Premiere CS5 when it comes to inputting and outputting your clips.

Premiere Pro CS5: Interface

The video goes through some of the changes to the Premiere Pro interface.

Premiere Pro CS5: Tapeless Formats

Premiere will now work with various tapeless video formats, including videos footage from a dslr camera, and allow editors to work with the footage directly in Premiere.

Premiere Pro CS5: Roundtrip Avid and FCP

Premiere Pro CS5 can easily import and export files from other editing software, allowing for more collaboration between video editors.

Premiere Pro CS5: GPU Acceleration

The GPU feature in Premiere Pro CS5 will work with a specific set of graphics cards that will take the processing load from the CPU and transfer it to the GPU.

Animation in Premiere

Practice adding animation to a video clip, adjusting position and scale, and do some experimenting with blend modes.

Customizing Premiere Pro

We all want to work better and faster. Learn how to customize your interaction with Premiere Pro using panels, workspaces, and keyboard shortcuts.

Customize Transitions in Premiere Pro

There are always cool ways to alter whichever transitions you are working with in Premiere Pro CS4.

Clip Trimming in Premiere Pro

Explore the different tools used for trimming clips in Premiere Pro.

Working with Photoshop Documents in Premiere Pro

This tutorial focuses on creating a title for a Premiere video project using Photoshop and the integration of the two applications in CS4.

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