Changing Lip Shade in Photoshop

This is a really handy technique for making the lips  stand out by shifting the shade of the lip color, brightening the natural highlights, and then lastly, doing a quick cleanup to give you really gorgeous lips. Step One: Here’s the image we’re going to retouch by shifting the shade of the lips. If we [...]

Using the Photoshop Shake Reduction Filter

If you have a shot you took handheld in low light (so the blurriness was caused by shooting with a slow shutter speed), or if your blurry shot came from a long lens, you may be in luck using a filter called Shake Reduction. It can greatly reduce the blur caused by shots where your [...]

Applying Extreme Sharpening in Photoshop

High Pass sharpening is sometimes called “extreme sharpening,” and that’s really a good description of what it is.

Create the Picture Stack Effect in Elements

Picture Stack is one of my favorite Guided edits, because this one would seriously take a ton of time if you tried to do it manually.

Photoshop Selections: Editing Just Part of Your Image

In Lightroom, all the sliders in the Develop module pretty much affect the entire image at once. So, if you wanted to affect just part of an image, you’d get the Adjustment Brush and paint over the area you wanted to affect. In Photoshop, you can also do that (well, to some extent), but if [...]

Photoshop Brushes: Similarities in Nature

Here’s something that I actually stumbled upon by accident: I was attempting to take a photo of lightning and create a brush from it, so I could have lightning when I needed it. However, in my pursuit of this, I had a “Eureka!” moment. When you look at the lightning image below, what does the [...]

Using Image Overlay in Lightroom to Preview Layouts While Shooting Tethered

This is one of those features in Lightroom that once you try it, you fall in love with it, because it gives you the opportunity to make sure an image you’re shooting for a specific project (like a magazine cover, brochure cover, inside layout, wedding book, etc.) looks and fits the way you want it [...]

Photoshop Fix for Really Messed Up Wide-Angle Shots

How’s that one for a title? Well, that’s the best explanation of what happens sometimes when you shoot really wide, and in Photoshop, there’s a tool called Adaptive Wide Angle that was invented for these situations. However, there are three things you need to know about this filter: (1) you’re not going to use it [...]

Get the HDR Look on a Single Image in Camera Raw

If you didn’t take bracketed images in your camera, but you still want that HDR look, you can pretty much do the entire thing right in Camera Raw by pushing a few sliders to the max.

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