Photographer Chris Alvanas demonstrates the best way to maintain your image adjustments when working between 16bit and 8bit modes.

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  1. William L. (Frank) Collins (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    GREAT…A whole new understanding…thank you again…

    Is there any way I can save these tutorials?

  2. Elayidom (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    Excellent tutorial, bit conversion without losing the integrity

  3. Mr. A (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    Why would you even convert to 8 bit?
    Save file size?
    Doesn’t converting to a smart object retain large file size?

    Just wondering, I’m a noob in this arena.

  4. Mrs. (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    William- Save as a PDF

  5. Gunpreet Singh (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    use less …..

  6. Paul (Reply) on Thursday March 6, 2008

    i think my eyes are spoilt because i can’t see any difference between the 8bit and 16bit!

  7. [...] of your question, and how to work with them –…ifference.html…-bit-mode.html As for the CMYK conversion, it might depend on the preference of the printer or art director [...]

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