Your Kind of Erasing

In a previous tip, I discussed the new Eraser tool (Shift+E), which erases the parts of selected objects that you click-and-drag over. At the end of the tip, I mentioned that you could change the size and shape of the Eraser. If you double-click on the Eraser in the Tools panel, it will open the Eraser Tool Options window, which is nearly identical to the Calligraphic Brush Options dialog. (To see what I mean, look under the Options menu of the Brushes panel and select New Brush, choose Calligraphic, and click OK.) You have options to change the size of the Eraser, its Roundness, and Angle, as well as the ability to set a percentage of Variation for any or all of these settings to make the results look less computer generated. To use your custom Eraser, click OK and start erasing.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.