You apply Wraps to some images and select them, one at a time, with your selection tool and move each into position in your columns of type. All is Wrapping beautifully until you move the last image into position. The type Wraps this last picture Frame very oddly with lots of extra space in all directions. What’s up with this wild Wrap behavior.

Nothing! You were interrupted by a phone call before applying that last Wrap and inadvertently selected the image with the Direct Selection tool. So the Wrap Offsets were applied to the image itself instead of the Frame containing the image. Because of this, the Type Wraps the whole image, even the parts that are cropped away by the Frame. To fix the problem, select the image with the Direct Selection tool and click the No Text Wrap button in the Wrap palette. Then re-select the picture Frame with the Selection tool and apply your Wrap Offsets to the Frame.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.