WebAssist Tool Builds Administrative Consoles in One Operation

With WebAssist’s release of WA DataAssist today, Web professionals can now easily manage their data online through an automatically generated, custom designed administrative front-end. WA DataAssist builds pages to search, display, insert, update, and delete data in a single operation, including all labeled form elements and server-side code. Dreamweaver users are free to take their application even further with WA DataAssist’s advanced server behaviors and manage their data like never before. WA DataAssist comes complete with a wide range of professionally designed layouts, CSS-styled and ready for customization. WA DataAssist integrates fully with Dreamweaver templates so designers can create their front-end styled their way, right from the start. After the pages have been generated, the layouts can be further fine-tuned by adjusting the expertly designed CSS style sheets. Read more