Warning, Warning, That Type Style Doesn't Exist

In Quark, you can apply a Bold or Italic Style to selected type simply by clicking on the Bold or Italic Style buttons in the Measurements palette. Cool! The only problem: what if that Style doesn’t exist in that particular Type Family? Even though it looks like the Style has been applied on screen, it won’t print with the intended Style.

In InDesign, you can apply a Character Style that will change as little as one attribute of selected type, such as Italic. But if that Style does not exist in the Type Family of the selected type, you’ll get two obvious warnings. The type will be highlighted with a Salmon color and the Type Style appears in brackets in the Character palette. Keep in mind, you’ll also get these warnings if the “slanted” Style in a particular Type Family is called Oblique instead of Italic.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.