Using an Illustrator Logo as Part of a Photoshop Image

I’m constantly incorporating my client’s logos into Photoshop images – on the sides of trucks, on road signs, on buildings, and most recently, on the front of a shopping cart. When the logo is made up of basic vector shapes filled with a flat color, I simply select it, copy it to my clipboard, switch to Photoshop and paste it into the image (Edit > Paste) as a Path (by selecting “Path” in the dialog window that opens and clicking OK). I save my new Work Path in the Photoshop Paths palette by double-clicking on its listing, naming it and clicking OK. Now I’m free to Scale the Path, Rotate it, Distort it, throw it into Perspective or even Warp it (all found under Edit > Transform Path). Once the Path fits perfectly into my Photoshop image, I can make a selection under the Options menu of the Paths palette, and on a new Layer, Fill the Selection (Edit > Fill) with the client’s corporate color. I can also apply a Gradient Fill, Transparency, or even Effects to make the logo work beautifully as part of the image.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.