Universal Ringflash Adapter

Achieve Ringflash Lighting for DSLRs and Flashes

The new Universal Ringflash Adapter from Ray Flash comes in two sizes—regular and large—and can be used with pretty much any flash and camera. The difference refers to the maximum distance between the center of the flash head and the center point of the lens. My setup required the "L" version, which allows you to extend the Ray Flash's neck to 7.5″.

The Universal Ringflash Adapter uses your existing flash to "bend" the light so that its output concentrates in a ring around your lens—the light wraps around or embraces your subject.

The Universal Adapter uses a spring-loaded, preformed, top jaw that clamps your flash head against a bottom jaw. This sounds like a good way to damage your flash, but the Universal Ringflash is lightweight enough not to have any adverse effect on the flash. In fact, the Universal Adapter comes with a (too) rigid rubber ring that's designed to keep weak flash heads from falling into their lowest position, but my test flash (a LumoPro LP180) didn't budge.

I tested the universal Ringflash by shooting a portrait and a transparent bottle against a white backdrop. The light was a little bit hard but nicely even, except for shooting with a wide-angle lens, when vignetting may occur. The Universal Ringflash does lose 2 f-stops. I also tried using the Ray Flash as a fill light and found that it created a softer effect with less overexposed areas than a bare flash.

Company: Ray Flash s.r.o.
Price: 99 pounds
Rating: 4.5
Hot: Easy to mount; even light distribution
Not: Doesn't fit LumoPro LP160