Lastolite Ezybox II Switch

Two Softboxes in One

Longtime favorites among photographers on the go for their portability, the Lastolite Ezybox line of collapsible softboxes has a new family member. The recently introduced Lastolite Ezybox II Switch not only maintains the compact design that made its predecessors famous—folding down to an impressive 1/3 of its expanded size—but it also has the distinction of being the world's first softbox to easily convert or switch from a square format to a rectangular format. Think about that for a minute: One softbox that performs the job of two. Translation? Half the stuff to carry!

Assembly is quick and easy with its signature pop-up design and two support rods that secure the Ezybox II softbox frame. Converting the Lastolite Ezybox II Switch from square to rectangle and back again is simplicity itself: You use a zip system to expand or retract the width of two of the side panels.

With the Lastolite Ezybox II Switch, you get one softbox that fits all your lights—studio strobes and small flashes. Switching from one light source to another is easy (using the appropriate connector) and doesn't require any adjustments to the softbox itself. The Switch also features inner and outer diffusion panels that allow up to 2 stops of light reduction. The Ezybox II Switch is available in two sizes: large and extra large. The required connection kit will depend on the lights you're using.

Could it get any better? One softbox that works like two; assembles in minutes; is compatible with all your lights; and travels exceptionally well. The Lastolite Ezybox II Switch is one sweet softbox!

Company: Manfrotto Lighting Ltd.
Price: $220 (large); $242 (x-large)
Rating: 5
Hot: Lightweight; multiuse design; multiple light-source compatibility