Type and Link without Missing a Beat

You’re doing some writing in InDesign and you’re getting close to the bottom of your page. Thinking ahead, you decide to create your next page with a Linked Text Frame. (You had set up your document with Master Text Frames so every new page will have a Text Frame on it automatically.) But what’s the easiest way to Link the Text Frame on your first page to the Text Frame on the next?

When you get near the end of the last line of copy on your first page, press your Command key (Control on PC) and click on the edge of your Frame to make the Outport visible. Click on the Outport and use the Add Page command – Shift + Command + P (Shift + Control + P on PC). Then double-click on the Text Frame on your new page to Link and continue typing without missing a beat.Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.