Two Take Control Ebooks Explain All About Fonts in Mac OS X

Macintosh users who have struggled with the morass that fonts have become since the release of Mac OS X can now find specific, practical advice on managing, using, and troubleshooting fonts with the 255-page "Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X" and its 120-page companion volume, "Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X." Written with clarity and humor during nine months of research by font expert and veteran Mac author Sharon Zardetto Aker, these unique ebooks go far beyond the scope of magazine articles, filling a void with a book-length exploration of exactly how fonts work – and don’t work – in Mac OS X. People engaged in font-intensive professions such as graphic design and publishing, those who rely on character-rich Unicode fonts for working in non-Roman languages, and anyone who has suffered from mysterious font-related troubles will save time and money with the advice in these ebooks. They help readers work more efficiently with fonts; eliminate downtime related to duplicate or corrupt fonts; and avoid problems related to legacy fonts from Mac OS 9, fonts installed by third-party applications, and fonts in cross-platform documents. "Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X" provides the knowledge that every Mac user working with fonts needs, including the details of Mac OS X’s font support; how to use Font Book to manage, validate, and organize fonts; ways of dealing with old fonts; and instructions on making the most of the amazing wealth of special characters in Unicode fonts. The ebook also provides step-by-step instructions for cleaning up Fonts folders, compares the versions of fonts provided by Tiger and Microsoft Office, and discusses how to create documents that can be shared successfully with Windows applications. Its companion volume, "Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X," focuses on what happens when something related to fonts goes kablooey. The ebook explains how to troubleshoot font problems and provides numerous solutions to specific problems. Anyone who has had trouble installing PostScript fonts, argued with Font Book, or had fonts seemingly disappear will appreciate Aker’s real-world help. Take Control publisher Adam Engst said gleefully, "Finally! I knew a lot about fonts in the old days, but since Mac OS X, trying to deal with my fonts has made me feel like an dolt. Thanks to the depth of these ebooks, I feel like I once again have a clue." The ebooks are available separately for $20 and $10 respectively, or bundled together for $25. Listen to Sharon talk about fonts in a MacVoices interview at: For review copies or interview requests; just drop us a line! Book Details: "Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X" by Sharon Zardetto Aker PDF format, 255 pages, free 39-page sample available Publication date: May 18, 2006 Price: $20 "Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X" by Sharon Zardetto Aker PDF format, 120 pages, free 27-page sample available Publication date: May 18, 2006 Price: $10 About TidBITS and Take Control Books: TidBITS Electronic Publishing has been publishing highly regarded news and editorial since 1990 when Adam and Tonya Engst created their online newsletter, TidBITS, about Macintosh- and Internet-related topics. Their Take Control series has helped many thousands of readers with high-quality, timely, real-world, cost-effective documentation since 2003. To learn more, visit our FAQ at