Triple Triangle Announces Mechanical Cubed for Adobe Illustrator

Triple Triangle Inc. today released Mechanical Cubed for Adobe Illustrator. The Illustrator version of Mechanical Cubed contains the same four products – Job Spec, Slug, Crop and XMP integration – and offers virtually identical functionality to the widely deployed InDesign version. "Many customers have asked us to offer the automated Mechanical Cubed workflow in other applications," said Chris Jones, president of Triple Triangle. "Illustrator support enables our customers to achieve the same workflow benefits in Illustrator that they already have in InDesign." The Illustrator product automates the process of building production advertisements. It can build baseline mechanicals, including slugs, crops and fold marks, based on information in a PDF form or filemaker database. It automates the maintenance of slugs so that workflow and preflighting information are consistently displayed in proofs of the document. It sets up crop and fold marks automatically, and correctly updates them if the document size changes. Finally, it leverages Adobe’s XMP standard to expose workflow and document-related information to digital asset management systems, which can search on it. Triple Triangle has previously released several case studies documenting the benefits of Mechanical Cubed. System Requirements Mechanical Cubed is supported on Adobe Illustrator CS2 on Macintosh OS X. Pricing & Availability Please contact or call 1-800-442-9639 x1 for additional information. About Triple Triangle Inc. Triple Triangle Inc. is a leading provider of plug-in products and custom software for Adobe InDesign. Triple Triangle’s products, Mechanical Cubed, Crop Cubed, Slug Cubed, Spec Cubed, Color Spec Cubed, and Raster Write Cubed are used by major advertising agencies and publishers worldwide. Triple Triangle Inc. was founded by former members of Adobe’s InDesign development team. Triple Triangle combines responsiveness to customer needs, strong technical competence and extraordinary customer support to deliver high-quality products and services for Adobe InDesign. For additional information, please visit Triple Triangle’s website at or call (800) 442-9639 ext. 704.