Versatille Walking Staff For Your Camera

Trekpod StaffIs it a walking staff? Is it a monopod? Is it a tripod? Yes! At first glance, the TrekPod appears to be a simple walking stick. But pull off the cork palm rest at the top, screw in the small circular magnetic adapter to the bottom of your camera (spotting scope, off-camera flash, etc.), place your camera on top, and you have a monopod. Undo the Velcro strap near the bottom, spread the three sections of the base apart, and you have a tripod (with a max height of 57.5″).

The magnetic adapter quickly attaches to the head of the TrekPod. There’s also a small clip that slides onto both the adapter and the head of the TrekPod for additional support. This is especially necessary for heavier loads. As a bonus, the head of the TrekPod is actually a mini ballhead. Just turn the swivel knob and rotate the camera in just about any direction. (The ballhead load is rated up to 9 lbs, depending on the center of gravity.)

The TrekPod isn’t the steadiest tripod. Indoors, under a ceiling fan set to medium, you can see it swaying under a medium load. But this isn’t the purpose of the TrekPod. It’s designed for going places where it’s not practical to take a regular tripod, which is where the walking staff really comes in handy. And either as a monopod or a tripod, the TrekPod is far steadier than handholding the camera—it just may need a little help in windy conditions.—Chris Main

PRICE: $139.99
FROM: Trek Technologies LLC

HOT Lightweight (30 oz.); goes anywhere
NOT Not very steady in windy conditions