Tiffen Dfx Complete Standalone Addition

Create optical glass effects with these digital filters

Tiffen DfxThe Tiffen Dfx Complete Standalone Edition simulates the characteristics of Tiffen’s optical glass with up to 1,000 traditional and special effects filters and gels.

The Viewer, where you load and edit your main image, is surrounded by the other main components: Filters, Effects, and Presets (with Parameter settings). Along the bottom of the screen is where you find the various categories of Filters including Gels, Gradients and Tints, Film Lab processes, and Diffusion filters, among others. The Presets panel shows prebuilt variations of any filter that you select, allowing you to try and match Tiffen’s optical filters. There’s even a Custom setting that lets you save your personalized effects. You can also stack (layer) effects, while retaining the ability to control any effect individually.

The Dfx software adds EZ Mask, one of the easiest masking systems that I’ve ever used: Just draw a few loose lines around the border of the object(s) on which you want to focus and the software does an amazing job of determining what that selection should be.

The well-thought-out Tiffen Dfx Complete Standalone Edition has plenty of filter choices to match real-world glass. The inclusion of a PDF manual with more than 500 pages of examples and before-and-after shots, along with a reasonable price makes this package an easy recommendation for any photographer.—Rod Harlan

PRICE: $199.95
FROM: The Tiffen Company LLC

HOT Wide selection of filters; great workflow interface