Thickening Up an Expanded Stroke

Recently, I had a call from a former student asking for a solution to a most annoying problem. She said, “Every time I try to select or edit text it gets a blueish glow over all the characters.” I asked, “Do you have any Effect applied to the type?” “No,” she answered. “It’s just plain black Filled text on a white background. As soon as my Selection or Type tools get near it, the text turns blue.”

The answer was so simple it surprised her. “The Smart Guides feature is the culprit,” I said. “They’re invaluable in helping to work precisely on certain projects. But when working with type, Smart Guides are not smart at all. To temporarily turn them off, go to View > Smart Guides and uncheck the feature.” “Wow,” she said, “My type is normal type again.”

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.