The Ultimate Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut Tool


Over on GitHub (a popular place for sharing code, and projects), just posted a web-based Lightroom Shortcut app. I have to say it’s pretty cool as a learning tool. Basically, you can load up any module in Lightroom, set your keyboard style (Mac, PC), and it’ll show you exactly what keys are used for each feature.


Plus, it even has a Search feature at the bottom which works really well. I typed in the word “Pick” and it came up with any place the word “pick” was used as a shortcut in Lightroom. Heck, I even learned a keyboard shortcut I didn’t know while doing it.


Another feature I stumbled on while trying to take a screen capture is that if you press a modifier key (like Command, Control, Shift, etc…), the keyboard automatically changes to show you what keys do with that modifier key selected. Very cool stuff!


Anyway, it’s free. It’s web-based so you don’t have to install anything on your computer. You could even take a screen capture of it and print it out if you wanted a more visual reference while you had Lightroom open. Here’s the link to the website if you want to check it out. Have a great Thursday!

PS: If you’re in to landscape photography, over on my personal blog yesterday, I posted a Story and some photos behind my trip in to Oneonta Gorge (just outside of Portland, Oregon) yesterday. Stop on by if you’d like to see some photos and read about the trip :)