Last evening, I got the following frantic call from a student. “I was working on the logo assignment, Saved it and Quit to stop for dinner. When I reopened the logo, there was nothing on the page. It’s gone!” In jest, I answered, “So the computer ate your homework.” After a hesitation from the student, I continued, “Only kidding. Just go into Outline View (View > Outline) and I’m sure you’ll find it.” A short pause and the student replied, “Oh, there it is.” I jumped in, “You were working on the Knockout version of the logo, weren’t you?” “How did you know?,” asked the student. I reply, “What do you see when you have a white logo one a white background?” I could almost feel the embarrassed student blushing on the other end of the phone.

Now here’s the tip. I always save white (knockout) logos in Outline View. That way I know something is in the file the next time I open it up.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.