Terrific Translations of Tissue Layouts

One of my clients is an amazing art director who hired me to do all of his computer and production work. Because he never learned to use a computer, he does tight tissue layouts, which I use to translate his designs into reality. Before I started working with him, his previous designer followed these tissues as best he could but had a terrible time capturing the artist’s intent, so the tissues were usually far more beautiful than the finished layouts.

When I first started working with this talented artist, I found a simple way to follow his tissues precisely. Start by creating a new Layer (select “New Layer” under the Options menu of the Layers palette). Place (File > Place) a scan of the tissue layout on this new top level Layer and size it to the page. Then with the scan still selected, lower it’s Opacity to 40% (or so) in the Transparency palette (Window > Transparency). Lock this top Layer by clicking the box to the right of the Eye in its Layers palette listing. Using the scanned tissue as a template, I size and position all of the layout elements in the Layers below. How well does this tissue translation method work? The art director is all smiles!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.