Tech tunes into TV at CES

(ZDNet News) Executives from Silicon Valley, Beijing, Europe and Hollywood will descend on <a title="Upstart aims to bring HD camcorders to the masses — Sunday, Dec 11, 2005″ href=””>the Computer Electronics Show to talk about how they plan to make money from convergence–the long-promised coming together of entertainment and computing that’s finally a reality. They’ll sketch out a vision of the future in which consumers tap into huge libraries of videos–first-run films, news footage from remote corners of the world, home movies, old episodes of "Kojak"–and then play them on their computers, televisions and cell phones. "The government is telling us we have to do it. It is a huge freaking opportunity," said Stephen Baker, an analyst with retail tracker NPD Techworld. "To be thinking about other things is a waste of time." Read more