EyeBud can turn video iPod into big-screen TV for one

(SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER)  A company that makes video display products for military and industrial uses is setting its sights on a new market — the iPod. Bellevue-based eMagin Corp. has developed a wearable headset system that plugs into Apple Computer’s portable media device and displays video from it in front of one eye, using optical technology designed to give the picture a higher resolution and make it appear larger than on the iPod’s screen.      The system, dubbed the EyeBud 800, is another entry in the booming ecosystem of accessories and complementary products that has emerged around Apple’s portable music player. But this isn’t in the realm of a $20 carrying case. Scheduled to debut in the first half of this year, the EyeBud is expected to retail for as much as $599 — $200 more than the cost of a 60-gigabyte iPod. Read more