Swift 3DSwift 3D kicks it up a notch with the release of Version 5! Designed with graphic and Flash designers in mind, Swift 3D has always been the easiest 3D program on the market to use with very little training. By following one or two of the provided tutorials, even users with little graphic design skills are easily creating content within an hour and rendering 3D objects as vector files to export.

Along with the ease of use, Electric Rain keeps adding to the great features of the product. In this latest release, they’ve added some groundbreaking new features that make upgrading worth every cent; for example, Mesh Morphing and Animations that allow users to create Morph targets for 3D objects. This support is an absolute must for animating objects that are continuous with no joints—allowing Swift users to animate faces, mouths, fishtails, and any other solid object that moves in a way that can’t be achieved by standard methods.

Other key new features include an enhanced user interface that’s more user friendly, Keyframe Easing, and the ability to export true 3D models using 3DS files from the RAViX rendering engine. These new features add a new dimension to Swift 3D’s capabilities, making it a fantastic tool for anyone looking to add 3D to their websites.—Bruce Bicknell

PRICE: $249 (Upgrades from $79)
FROM: Electric Rain, Inc.
WEB: www.erain.com

HOT Great 3D-to-Flash integration; ease of use
NOT Confusing lighting setup; modeling tools still lacking