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Studio Photography with a Light Meter

Photographer Jean Francois-O’Kane talks about fixing your exposure using a light meter.


  • radhika joshi says:

    the light meter tip was gr8! specially the 1 wich hels wid da background.. relli nice!!!

  • Mike Lynch says:

    Page not working
    (I have Flash Player)

  • Creighton Holub says:

    This has really de-mystified the secrets of a light meters!

  • jay Shultz says:

    Being a pro I have always used a flash meter all my photographic life. And yes you can tell a lot on what to do in the studio on how light falls. One thing I always do to get a white background is to wash out the background by going about one to a half stop over and expose for mid tones. But I do come from an old school of thought.

  • thami says:

    very useful introduction to the use of lighting meters. i cannot wait to use it in real life situation. will give you more feedback.

  • Rolando says:

    were can i buy a light meter if you dont mind.can you help me?

  • Rich says:

    I’m a new photographer, self teaching myself and this tutorial was great. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I will be testing your tips with a model this weekend.