You’re making type corrections to an old brochure that was designed by someone else. You select the first paragraph to begin making changes and, in the Character palette, there’s no number specified next to Tracking. This means that there’s Mixed Tracking in your selection. Some of the lines of copy were probably “Tracked In” using Negative Tracking to make the copy fit. This could cause a real mess with the Letter Spacing throughout your text as you begin to change copy.

Is there a fast way to spot all Custom Tracking in your layout to make it easy to fix? No problem! Go to the Application menu > Preferences > Composition (Edit menu on PC). In the Highlight section of the dialog box that opens, select “Custom Tracking and Kerning” and click OK. Now copy with any Custom Tracking applied will be highlighted in green making it hard to miss. That was easy!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.