Comprehensive collection of high-quality sound effects

digitaljuiceFor the last 15 years, I’ve been collecting sound effects libraries for my video production, animation, and motion graphics projects. While I have some great-sounding effects in my collection, I always resent the time spent looking for the perfect sound. That’s because most of the sound collections I’ve bought through the years came with either a simple printout or a rudimentary HTML browser on the disc for locating and sorting through the thousands of clips. Then I discovered a database-driven collection from Digital Juice.

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is a comprehensive collection of audio effects recorded at high-quality, 24-bit/96 kHz resolutions. The most important feature for me, however, is the keyword-searchable index, which makes searching the huge 11,500 clips library usable. The time saved makes it pay for itself. The collection is divided into four main classes of effects—General, Noise, Human, and Musical—broken down into more than 170 categories. The library covers a wide soundscape from standard Foley sound effects to musical stingers, professional voice work, and an assortment of animal and mechanical sounds.

All together, the full library collection comes on 10 DVD-ROM discs for a total of 55 GB of sound effects content. It also ships with the Juicer 3 software (Mac and Windows), which not only searches and finds the clips that you need, but also converts them into all of the popular audio formats that you could possibly use. And all of this for the very reasonable price of $599 ($100 less than when it first came out). For the quantity, quality, price, and ease of use, I honestly can’t recommend this product enough. I love Sound FX Library!—Rod Harlan

PRICE: $599
FROM: Digital Juice, Inc.
PHONE: 800-525-2203
FOR: Mac and Windows

HOT Fully indexed and keyword searchable