Sonicfire Pro 5: Scoring Edition


Sonicfire Pro 5Having reviewed SmartSound products for nearly seven years now, the question was, “How has Sonicfire improved and at what cost?” Sonicfire Pro 5 has come a long way and the essence of what it does is simple. You take your video footage and add soundtracks for mood, emotion, or just to set the stage for what might happen next. By current standards, this product does much more than Apple’s iMovie or pasting your favorite song from iTunes into your video-editing software of choice. These are the audible elements that you need to create a sense of the moment on your screen, making you feel like you’re conducting rather than just placing music.

For example, imagine the difference between the miscellaneous chatter of “so nice to see you” and “thanks for coming” in footage of a wedding receiving line compared to beautiful stereo background music that’s fully orchestrated, set by your arrangement for full or partial instrumentation, and timed perfectly for this scene. By opening a video file, you can add your own audio, or one of the titles available, quickly and easily. The music libraries available are extensive and offer every conceivable style of music with excellent sound quality.

With features such as Mood Mapping to control your arrangements, adjustable tempo and pitch, and an intuitive interface, Sonicfire helps the subject matter convey the emotion of the moment. What you can do with the catalog of music that’s available on disk or for purchase via download is only limited by your time. And like previous versions, you may find yourself having fun and playing with all the options. Sonicfire Pro 5 can be the difference between making videos and producing films.—Daniel M. East

Company: SmartSound Software, Inc.
Price: $99.95
Web: www.
Rating: 5

Hot: Fun; easy; feature-rich; good value for price