Softpress Launches Freeway 4.3.3

Softpress Systems (Softpress) released version 4.3.3 of Freeway 4 Pro and Freeway 4 Express. This update includes changes to text imaging, improvements in Photoshop import, and support for Safari 3 Beta. Freeway 4 is now also Leopard-ready. The update is free to all registered users.

"This maintenance release ensures that Freeway is up-to-date with current standards and prepared for Mac OS X 10.5." Commented Richard Logan, Managing Director of Softpress. "It is our goal to respond in a timely way to the needs of our users to avoid any production delays."

Freeway’s rewritten text imaging takes full advantage of Apple’s excellent font scalar and is now consistent with all Apple applications. Softpress has also improved the implementation of bi-directional text, an important part of its ongoing support for generating multi-lingual web sites.

Other improvements include the import of Photoshop images saved in ImageReady, further extending Freeway’s wide graphic handling capabilities. Changes to Freeway Actions have also been made to fully support Safari 3 (Beta) and OmniWeb.

Full release notes can be found in the Softpress KnowledgeBase –

About Freeway

Freeway, famous for its ease-of-use and clean efficient code generation, is the tool of choice for professional and home Mac users who prefer to focus on design issues, not on coding!
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About Softpress

Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of professional publishers and designers for new media authoring tools. It is headquartered in Oxford, England.