Softpress extends customer support in US

AACTT to provide services for Softpress Freeway customers in the USA.

American Academy of Computer Training & Technology (AACTT), established in 1991, is to provide first contact support and sales, as well as training, for Softpress products in the US. AACTT’s innovative and quality conscious approach, and its wide range of software courses, has made it one of the most popular and respected organizations of its type.

“We are really pleased with our new association with AACTT,” commented Richard Logan, Managing Director of Softpress. “It will make a big difference to our many US users to have basic sales and support issues dealt with in a timely way by AACTT’s helpful and knowledgeable staff. And the provision of comprehensive Freeway training by such a highly- rated team will be a real boon.”

Mr Abbate, a state of Illinois certified educator with over 25 years of computer experience in computer training and consultancy, added. “When we discovered Freeway and found out how easy and powerful it was to use, and how much like a DTP program it was, we just had to work with Softpress. And the more we work with Freeway, the more we are convinced that it is simply the best and most flexible alternative for web design on the Mac. Our job will be to extend Freeway’s profile and Softpress’ already first-class customer service.”

AACTT will initially be handling sales and support enquiries over the telephone (847 380 1899) and Skype. It will also be running courses at its Palatine Illinois premises and other locations throughout the United States.

Softpress’ own excellent, free and responsive e-mail support will continue to handle the bulk of advanced queries.

About Freeway
Freeway, famous for its ease-of-use and clean efficient code generation, is the tool of choice for professionals and home Mac users who prefer to focus on design issues, not on coding!
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Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of professional publishers and designers for new media authoring tools. Its head office is in Oxford, England.