So Many Glyphs, So Little Time

The Glyphs palette (Window > Type & Tables > Glyphs) is great way to find any particular character in a type face. You just scroll through the palette until you find the glyph and simply double-click to insert it in your text. Great feature!

But the scrolling can be endless with some of the OpenType fonts as there can be thousands of Glyphs included in a typeface. That’s where Glyph Sets come in. If there are any particular Glyphs you use all the time, go to the Options menu of the Glyphs palette and select New Glyph Set. Name it and click OK. Click on a Glyph that you’d like to add to your new set and under the Options menu, select Add Glyph to Set and choose your set from the menu. Now it’s a lot easier finding a Glyph that’s one in a thousand. Click on the Show button in the Glyphs palette and choose your set. Then double-click on the Glyph to insert it in your text – a great timesaver!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.