Retouching Actions for Photoshop

Improving upon an already outstanding set of Photoshop actions is a task that requires developers to somehow outdo themselves for their customers; however, when they respond to their end users, the results lead them to smooth sailing in the often rough seas of the creative professional products. Once again, Digital Heavens cruises past the competition with their effortless set of skin-retouching action sets that take users on a gorgeous ride.

In the original version of Smooth Skins (reviewed in 2011), the actions allowed even the grittiest of portraits to be refined. It was done in such a way that your results could go from natural to supernatural to action-figure skin surfaces with a wave of your brush, but Smooth Skins 2 has a much broader group of options. In this version, you can adjust environment simulations that take your subject from the beach to studio to "cartoon" in less time, and with more presets. There are now more textures, facial feature-specific enhancements (for eyes, teeth, and lips), and skin tones from beach tans to glamour image. Of course, there's no loss of incremental adjustment, and all of this is nondestructive, so you can add as much or as little as you wish in your image.

Like the previous version, it's fun to try each of the presets (again, because it's nondestructive) to find and fine-tune the look you want. If the subject is too smooth for you (or not smooth enough), you can revert to your original, and keep going forward. As always, Digital Heavens offers excellent tutorial and example videos to help you set sail toward some incredible-looking portraiture.

Company: Digital Heavens
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5
Hot: Fast; photorealistic; nondestructive; 8-bit and 16-bit support (PC)