Multiple-perspective shadow effects plug-in

The folks at Andromeda Software have a new trick for photographers and graphic designers to add to their Photoshop Plug-ins folder: Shadow Filter is now available for Mac OS X. This set of customizable effects is designed to add realistic 3D shadowing to your images using Photoshop or other Photoshop-compatible program.

While the user interface is attractive, it’s a little difficult to read the controls as there are so many. Finding your way around a multitude of controls, hidden selections, and adjustments is somewhat unclear and needs more explanation—despite the information pane that provides some description of each item at mouse-over. The “swing” controls have a very nice 3D interface, but the increments of movement are a bit jerky. In addition, the preview window isn’t accurate enough given its small size.

Once you find your way around Shadow Filter, the results are good. You can create, preview, and produce a large range of effects, including shadows from multiple light sources, angles, and in colors. Some finesse is required to make all of this work, but it’s certainly an improvement over similar offerings from other brands making similar claims and far better than the shadow effects built into Photoshop.

If you’re doing more than just a drop shadow for your text and want full-featured shadow effects, take some time to learn the navigation and enjoy Andromeda’s latest offering. Once you have the feel of the interface, the results can be good.

Shadow Filter requires Adobe Photoshop 6 or later, Photoshop Elements 2 or later, or Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 or later. Full versions (download and boxed) are available now.

PRICE: $109 (upgrade $19.95)
FOR: Mac and Windows
FROM: Andromeda Software, Inc.
PHONE: 800-547-0055