Seven things you didn’t know about: Matt Kloskowski

Hi gang — Scott here and I’m kicking off a new series on our instructors here at KelbyOne, and I thought who be better to kick this off than my co-host for “The Grid” and my dear friend, Matty K. So here ya have it: Seven things you didn’t know about Matt Kloskowski

  • Matt degree is in IT and before we was one of the “Photoshop Guys,” Matt used to trouble shoot systems, write code, and programmed databases for a software consulting company.
  • Matt was recently awarded his 2nd-degree Black Belt in Taekowndo and is 3-time state sparring champion and is currently ranked #2 nationally.
  • Matt’s favorite restaurant is “Stuff yer face!” in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Matt say make sure you try their “Pizzaboli.” The doughy part is freakin’ amazing! 🙂
  • Matt has horrible eyesight (his words). When wearing glasses they don’t let him walk by forests on sunny days for fear of spontaneous fires.
  • Matt is a watch freak, and rotates between 11 watches. His favorite is a Movado that he got a screaming deal on, on eBay.
  • Matt used to play lead guitar in a band, and still has his fushia (Matt’s swears it’s not pink) 1987 Ibanez Roadstar electric guitar.
  • Matt has run, and completed, three full 26.2 mile marathons, including his most recent at the Walt Disney World Marathon.

To check out more of the stuff Matt is working on make sure you go see some Matt’s classes over at KelbyOne.