Setting Up a New Document with No Dialog Box

Anyone who has been reading my tips for a while knows that I love Presets because they save so much time. That’s why I save so many Presets for my layout specifications in my Document Setup window (File > New > Document). After setting up all of the specs for a particular kind of layout that I know I’ll be using again, I click the Save Preset button, name the Preset and click OK to add it to my Preset listings in the Document Setup window. In this way, I won’t have to type in all the specs from scratch the next I need this same kind of layout.

Even better, with Document Presets, you can skip the Document Setup window all together. Just go to File > Document Presets and select one of the Presets from the list and your new document will open instantly.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.