Set Up Multiple-Page Layout

One of the most overlooked settings in the New Document Setup window is “Number of Pages.” If you know that you’ll be designing a 20-page, 8½x11″, three-column newsletter with bleed, why not set up the entire document from the very beginning?

I’ve been producing a 20-page newsletter for one of my clients based on the above settings for years. I have a Preset saved with all my settings, including the 20 pages (click the Save Presets button in the New Document dialog to save your settings). Why? Because with the way most newsletters are set up, it’s inevitable that there will be two or three stories that start on page 1 and continue someplace else in the publication. At least one of these stories will continue on the back page. With all 20 pages set up from the get-go, the ends of my stories have a page ready and waiting for them.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.